Heal by heals

When you feel some of mistakes
Don’t pick off your pains
You have heals
Just use it
Like jesus christ

How can
We have powerful
To face the life
To know the love
That’s the heals

Can let us
To Be healers
To walking up of water
To writing up to sky
To giving here and their
Heal by heals.

A. Aljaber

Wonder of love

Wonder of love
No reason too be
But in your eyes
I see no fear

Have you see the sky!
Everyday showing
My poem, my love
Taken on
By sky and your eyes

However just ask me
did you see my eyes
Is she fragrance
Is she bade love

Well i saw
Had poetical
For sky us

Always should be 

​Always should be, 

The love had given 

We know that! 

However we forward

No more hidden 

No more darkness 

God created 

To be lovers.
Always should be, 

The life is Impacting 

We take photos and words

Our people are took 

Time and place 

Whatever, and how can! 

It’s happen to believe. 
Always should be, 

The faith is the best 

Everybody taken 

Everything shown 

We pay and sold 

To know 

That’s all are fact

No one can live alone! 
Always should be, 

The world is word

You and i can be found 

Nothing to lose 

If we happy

If we help 

By smile, and by honest

That’s in the best

To move

To give 

No one can be shadow 

So my poem 

Every time had to write 

And that’s  i am. 
A. Aljaber 

At walking under the sky
See who are love you
Don’t care who unloved you
There’s person
Always waiting you
As calling phone
As sanding message
As coming home
As smiling face
As loving heart
As listing name
As Smelling perfume
So.. Use your faithful
At… As.. Always the time.